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Why Choose Us

Our Mission Statement

 Our mission is to guarantee satisfaction for our clients through the range of products and services we offer. And that these have the potential to totally remake every special occasion, event and expression into something memorable, unique and out of this world. additionally, we also enjoy proving our remarkable range of special products made in Indian farms.

 Our Vision

 Excelling in leadership by employing a variety of innovative and developmental skills to our products so as to ensure sustained contribution to the society and provision of job opportunities. We deliver environmentally-friendly products and reduce carbon footprint by using recyclable materials and ensuring that our farmers use nothing but eco-friendly methods.


Most local retail florist especially in major urban cities bear the cost of a high shop rent which you as a customer end up paying for. At Arena Florist, we have a very different and perfect business model. Although all our bouquets are made in house in our workshop by our trained florist, we have no storefront and only sell online which enables us to provide our customers with luxury arrangements at much more affordable prices in comparison to high end local flower shops.

A name you can trust
When you buy from Arena Florist, you can rest assured you are getting quality products at good value.  As an Maya Florist member, our job comes with a expectation of their standards that you can trust.  But don’t take our word for it – read our testimonials!

Professional & Friendly service
We value all our customers and love to help you choose the best gift for each occasion.  Drawing from over 20 years experience both in Bangalore and Nationwide, we can assist you in deciding what that ‘special something’ for that ‘special someone’ could be.