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Shipping Information


  • Deliveries Inside the Union Territories of India

    Most items delivered are local florist delivered items.
    • Cutoff Time: Same Day Delivery is available if it is placed before 10 AM Indian Time. For delivery to all other countries Next Day Delivery is available if the order is placed before 1pm Indian Time. Some flowers and baskets will require an extra business day for delivery.
    • Charges: A small Fee is added to the price of the product for all orders delivered in Hyderabad.
  1. Normal Delivery time is 8 am to 7 Pm. We do guarantee on date delivery But not on dot delivery though in 95% of orders we do try to maintain the delivery time requested by the customer. Please do not mention time in "Special Instruction" box in the order form.
  2. Fresh Baked Cakes from Branded shops are available for delivery only after 10.30 am.
  3. In case of non - availability of any item at any given location or at times  just to maintain the quality of product we may courier the gift same day from our head office for delivery as  soon as  possible. In such cases it may not be possible to take permission from the sender due to the time gap between city locations & urgency of matter.
  4. Due to the logistics involved in the delivery, we can not take guarantee of a specific time for delivery. But if you would like to request a particular time of day, we have given some preferred time of delivery and we will do our best to honor it.
  5. During the peak trading days such as Valentine's Day and Mother's Day, almost all the florists operate extended hours and delivery times may be extended due to heavy load of deliveries. Preferred time will not valid for these special days.

The Arena Flower Shop is one of the top florist in our town, Bangalore. That is because of the quality of services that they are giving to their clients. Hence, there is no wonder why they do not only render service in Bangalore, but also in different nearby cities.

ArenaFlorist is not only professional in terms of flower decorations and arrangements, cakes and gift items as we are also exercising professionalism in delivering all the purchased items. We are giving the same day policy of delivery upon request by the clients. But for those in other cities they are giving one day for the shipping of orders. If the clients are ordering flowers in baskets it may require an extra business day for shipping and delivery of products. If that happened clients will be informed as soon as possible. All the ordered products in Hyderabad will be requesting to have an additional small fee for shipping.

Shipping Information

  • All the freshly baked cakes will be delivered only every after 10:30 a.m.
  • The shop’s normal delivery time is from 8 am – 7 pm. The shop is giving guarantee to their clients for on-date delivery. But if there are unnecessary incidents that may cause the delay of delivery, the shop will delay some orders.
  • The time of delivery will vary depending also in the location of the place to be delivered. Upon purchasing with them, clients will be informed about the possible time of delivery if they are far from the shop. So it is better to have an early order with them to anticipate the possibilities of fast delivery.
  • Peak seasons like Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day and the like may cause a little delay of delivery. That is because of the demand of the occasion. But they will inform you they can meet with the expected time you give them. To avoid delays it is always to have an advanced purchase of items with them.
  • In some cases receivers are not available at the given address then we can no redeliver the same perishable items again to the same person, so we need mutual understanding from sender to revert us and help us to deliver their order. There will not be any refund on such cancellations or return.
  • At some address, if receiver is no able to come out to collect the flowers then we have to deliver to their guards or someone else(neighbor or relatives) on their behalf .

The cost of shipping or delivery will vary depending on the place and the quantity of items. But they will assure you of suitable pricing for every shipping or delivery. The entire price that they give will not eat much of your money. If ever there are damages upon receiving the orders it is probably thru shipping. If that happened the shop will not be held responsible of replacing the damaged ordered items,  ArenaFlorist does not have pickup service to replace damaged flowers.