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A Bunch of Flowers says hi to healthy life- Flower Therapy

The root of all health is in the brain. The trunk of it is in emotion. The branches and leaves are the body. The flower of health blooms when all parts work together- Kurdish Saying

Yes, our body and soul enchant the lyrical tune of blooming bud and the blossom of healthy living lies under the cheerful melody of life. The positive balance between mind, soul and body is the other name of healthy living. Nature embellishes its bouquet with endless options to heal our ailments. Flowers are the best gift from nature and perhaps the beautiful resource of medication and therapy. Whenever we look at the flower, it fills our mind, the essence lifts our spirit, the delightful appearance celebrates the ambience and the color defines our emotions.

When it is the term of flower therapy, it comes with the effects from its colors and essences over our body, soul and mind. In most of the occurrences, the illness happens due to the poor mental states. The flower color and essence therapy often work as the stimulus to maintain the mental balance. From the ancient age, it is believed that the psychological awareness of imbalance state results the physical illness and so to heal any kind of physical crisis, we have to restore the balance. The ancient people found the natural way to nourish the immune system according to the theory of sensitive awareness. Flower essence therapy is a delicate part of the herbal medications. The flower essence therapy is based on the theory of coordinating the flow of energy. Though flower therapy is a part of herbal remedy, it does not deal with our physical body; rather its prime concern is to restore our emotional state. Every ailment has its unique symptoms and every human being reacts differently towards the essence. The medical practitioners identify the different reactions and administrate the essence therapy accordingly.  Flower essence therapy is broadly maneuvered to tackle behavioral disorders, physical diseases, psychological states and many types of personal disturbances. This therapy covers – self-control, withdrawal, anger, anxiety, depression, paranoia, psychosis, stress, bereavement, RSI, hay fever, psoriasis, arthritis and even cancer. It is the safest therapy without showing any side effects. Every flower has its unique essence and different essence stimulates different mental conditions and deals with different issues. Various personal issues may result our mental or emotional turmoil. At this very point, we have to protect our emotion from the outer influence in order to commit an easy mental transition. The essence therapy helps to restore that positive energy.

List of some disorders/ill-mental state and their flower remedies:

  •  Anxiety- Aspen, Mimulus, Cerato, Larch
  • Depression-Sagebrush, Milkweed, Gorse, Gentian
  • To restore mental turmoil- Walnut
  • Aggressiveness- Willow, Snapdragon, Impatiens, Black-eyed Susan
  • Flowers for disorders during adolescence- Calla Lily, Willow, Holly
  • Flowers to boost confidence- Buttercup, Sunflower, Mountain Pride
  • Mental argument- White Chestnut
  • Intolerance- Beech


List of some medical flowers and their effects:

  • Sunflower – it helps to avoid menstrual cramps and ulcers.
  • Rose- the petals help to increase blood circulation in our body if taken raw. The essence works as anti depression element.
  • Gardenia- it helps to reduce stress, insomnia, anxiety and depression. It also heals the physical injuries.
  • Jasmine- it cures anxiety and insomnia. The cup of exotic jasmine flower tea helps to deal with digestive problems.
  • Lotus- since the ancient age, lotus has been taken as the remedy of bronchitis, diarrhea, bad coughs and fever.
  • Olive- it heals the exhaustion happened due to physical effort
  • Beech – it is helpful to avoid intolerance
  • Rock Rose- the essence influences to overcome from the fright
  • Mariposa Lily-  essence from this flower deals with the issues of receptivity and sensitivity
  • Shooting Star- it is an alternative natural remedy for birth trauma
  • Mimulus- it helps us to recover from the states of fear


Other benefits of flower therapy:

  • Emotional effect: A thorough research has proved that flowers immediately knock the happiness. A bunch of flowers enhances the positive mood and defines the higher level of enjoyment. Flowers are the primary source to maintain our emotional health.
  • It maintains the home ecology and works as the continuous resource of battling against depression, anxiety. A home decorated with flowers produces the reason of happiness and enthusiasm.
  • It is observed that the office ornamented with flower desks enhances the mood of the employees and the flower plants increase the workplace productivity.
  • Flowers therapy is fruitful to uplift the companionship and refresh the memory. So, it is the ultimate natural way to encourage the well being of the seniors


 Flowers Medical Improvement

Vast research and practical instances have pointed out that flower therapy assists the cancer patients to lead a better life. It does not directly involve in curing the cancer itself; rather this therapy modifies the way a cancer patient handles the psychological state during suffering. Flower therapy imposes the psychodynamic state that boosts the will of live and this positive state of mind assists the medical treatment to produce the encouraging result. It is believed that a strong mindset can prevent any kind of illness and disorder. Flower therapy practitioners do not promise that flowers can battle against cancer and will cure without going through any medication. Flowers actually help patients to respond positively towards the treatment. The theory of ‘cancer personality’ comes here to justify the positive result of flower therapy.

Patients, sometimes, cannot come out from the initial shock of the disease and most of the time the poor psychological condition leads to deteriorate the physical issues.  Here comes the inevitable employment of flower therapy. It offers the natural way to achieve the confidence. Flower therapy fights against- Hopelessness, Helplessness, Powerless anger, Negative emotions, Exhaustion, Resignation and Wish to Die. It is not the cancer that kills but the sense of helplessness that kills the patient every moment. A bunch of flower can drag the patient from the despair to lead the normal life, free from the sense of negativity.