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Mix Flowers

Mixed flowers bouquets- the rainbow of emotions

Every flower has its own meaning and relates different expressions. So, if a single type of flower is not enough to draw what you want to portray then a bouquet ornamented with mixed flowers is the ultimate choice to enlighten the mood. Mixed flowers bouquet incorporates the sound feelings or emotion you have and it adds the heavenly charm to your home and to the special occasion. The rainbow of flowers apprises the classic belle to the festivity for enhancing the sensation.

We know what you need and that is why we arrange numerous options in to make your job easier. Mixed flowers bouquets are the great choice for brightening the occasion along with attached fun. You are free to browse through our collection and nominate the bouquet that suits your theme. Our collection is organized according to the theme, emotion, reason, feeling, elegance, color and sentiment. Each mixed flowers bouquet is designed keeping your desires in mind. designs the sensational mixed flowers bouquets online delivery in Bangalore with the help of the experts. We respect your selection and that is why we try to give you the exact product, which can nurture your thoughts perfectly.

  1. New

    Birthday Balloon Bouquet

    This gift package comprises of a total of 20 flowers, including white roses and red daisies, which are wrapped in a special packing by making use of imported paper. Along with the bouquet, you also get 3 balloons, including two latex and one Mylar balloon. The Mylar balloon comes with the ‘Happy Birthday’ message printed on it, which adds a charm to the air filled latex ones, adding uniqueness to the gift. A message card is also provided along with the arrangement for you to add uniqueness to your present. • Bouquet of 20 Flowers (Red Daisies and White Roses) wrapped in imported paper packing. • One Birthday Mylar Balloon AND Two latex air filled balloon (included) • Free Message Card
  2. New

    Tall Aroma

    This bouquet is made with a total of 80 stems, comprising of red roses and yellow daisies, the height for which is kept in the range of 3-4 feet. Buy this bouquet by placing an order online and get an arrangement of fresh flowers, shipped directly to your doorsteps.
    • Tall standing arrangement of yellow daisies and red roses. • Height: 3-4 Feet • No of Flowers: 80 Stem • Free Message Card
  3. Fabulously Fragrant

    ‘Fabulously Fragrant’ is one such arrangement available with a count of nearly 12-14 flowers, including exotic lilies and roses in pink color. These flowers are packed in an exquisite manner and are wrapped in crepe paper, which enhances the loveliness of the bouquet.
    • Bouquet of Pink Roses and Exotic Pink Lilies wrapped in crape paper packing. • No of Flowers: 12-14 Flowers • Free Message Card
  4. Field of Himalaya's

    Field of Himalaya’s, which is a gorgeous bouquet made of 36 stunning blooms. The flowers used include long stem roses and exotic lilies, which are accompanied by seasonal filler or tuberoses to enhance their charm.
    • Bouquet of Exotic Lilies and Long Stem Roses (combined together) with tube roses/seasonal fillers. • No of Flowers: 36 Stem. • Free Message Card
  5. Your Majesty

    All the 12 stems are hand-tied by skilled florists and a ribbon is tied near the bottom of the bouquet to add an aesthetic appeal. • Assorted Flowers Bouquet Orchid, Daisies and Lily packed in cellophane sheet. • No of Flowers: 12 Stem • Free Message Card
  6. Lady Charmers

    ‘Lady Charmers’, as the name indicates, is a gorgeous bouquet, designed especially for women and girls, keeping in mind the colors and blooms that can lift their mood and make them happy. This bright bouquet is made with dazzling flowers of yellow color, including lilies, roses and daisies, where a total of 22 stems are utilized to make this product.
    • Bouquet of Bright Yellow Flowers (Includes: Daises, Roses and Lily) • No of Flowers: 22 Stem • Free Message Card
  7. Jumping for Joy

    ‘Love and Laughter’ is one such product that you can use perfectly for the occasion, displaying your sentiments in a lovely manner. The bouquet is made up of 50 exotic flowers, including roses, Anthuriums, Orchids, Birds of Paradise and Lilies, all combined together in a wonderful arrangement.
    • Premium Basket arrangement of 50 exotic flowers arrangement together • Flowers (Includes: Lilies, Bird of Paradise, Orchids, Anthurium and Roses). • Free Message Card
  8. Pretty Pink Delight

    This bouquet comprises of 2 Asiatic lilies of pink color and 5 daisies of pretty pink color, combined together and packed in a special crepe wrapping paper. The arrangement looks remarkable with some leaves and green filler added to it and the flowers are tied together with the use of a pink shade ribbon, adding more to its lavishness.
    • Bouquet of 5 Pretty Pink Daisies and 2 pink Asiatic lily combined together in special crape paper sheet. • Free Message Card
  9. New


    A total of 24 stems are used that make this bouquet a perfect match to lavish interiors and can be used as a premium gift for a special person in your life. On placing an online order, you also get a message card, free of cost, with this product.
    • Bouquet of Premium Red Roses with exotic White Lilies wrapped in imported crape paper packing. • No of Flowers: 24 Stem • Free Message Card
  10. 4 % OFF

    Rustic Elegance - Combo

    $41.98 $43.98
    ‘Rustic Elegance’ is a perfect combination of balloons and blooms that can be used to add a smile to anyone’s face with their beauty and fragrance. This package comprises of a collection of premium grade polka dot balloons of different colors, each with a different stick and an assortment of lovely red long stem roses, 40 in total.
    • 10 Polka Dots Bouquet (Premium Class Balloon with Stick). • 40 Assorted Roses Bouquet - Long Stem. • Free Message Card