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Luxury Lilies Bouquet

Luxury lily bouquets adds the royal charm

A posy gift bouquet of Casablanca lily flowers enhances the moods of celebration. Lily flower is related to Greek mythology and it is the emissary of royal existence. Lilly flowers always bring the fragrance of luxury to an elegant house, so, literally a lilies bouquet gives the ever-expected touch of luxuriance. Surprisingly, manages to bring this luxury flower bouquets for the common people of Bangalore at amazing prices. Surf the whole luxury lilies bouquets arena in to select the exact one, which will celebrate the enthusiasm. The wide range of collection will definitely justify your expectation. assures you to decorate your bouquet with the quality selections and fresh lilies to signify the enthusiasm and celebration. arranges the lilies bouquets with the traditional western style mixed with the modern designs. takes care of the bouquets with sincere grace until it gets to your doorstep. You can take advices from the arenaflorist’s experts how to arrange the bouquets for bringing the extra ordinary touch to the special event. You just have to browse the selections to place the order and will do the rest. So, what are you waiting for? You are just few clicks away from enjoying the royal touch of history. 

  1. Princess' dream

    The same concept has been applied to this bouquet, which is composed of a total of 18 flowers, out of which 15 are red roses and the rest 3 are white lilies. The whole bunch of flowers, accompanied by some green filler, is packed in a cellophane paper with white color. Along with this, you are provided with a free message card that will make it easy for you to express your emotions.
    • Bouquet of White Lilies and Red Roses (3 White Lilies and 15 Red Roses) wrapped in cellophane packing. • Free Message Card
  2. Exotic Lilies & Truffle Cake.

    A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.” Now, this is your turn to make that moment alive, present your heart fill with love in the form of flowers. This bouquet of cool and and magnificent Lilies will surely do that for you. So Don't Wait! Create the Magic with Freshest Exotic pink Lilies with stupendous delicious Truffle Cake, Let your have a slice of this Cake will surely fall in love with you again. • 5 Exotic pink lilies bouquet wrapped in cellophane paper packing. • 1 Pound chocolate truffle cake.
  3. Isle of White

    This bunch of 15 stems is hand-tied by talented florists with a pretty ribbon to make it appear more appealing. White color of blooms is combined with green fillers and leaves and the wrapping paper of cream shade, which adds a tempting appearance to the bouquet and is likely to fill the eyes of the recipient with glee.
    • Bouquet of white exotic lilies and pretty white roses wrapped in special crape paper packing. • No of Flowers: 15 Stem • Free Message Card
  4. Field of Himalaya's

    Field of Himalaya’s, which is a gorgeous bouquet made of 36 stunning blooms. The flowers used include long stem roses and exotic lilies, which are accompanied by seasonal filler or tuberoses to enhance their charm.
    • Bouquet of Exotic Lilies and Long Stem Roses (combined together) with tube roses/seasonal fillers. • No of Flowers: 36 Stem. • Free Message Card
  5. Fabulously Fragrant

    ‘Fabulously Fragrant’ is one such arrangement available with a count of nearly 12-14 flowers, including exotic lilies and roses in pink color. These flowers are packed in an exquisite manner and are wrapped in crepe paper, which enhances the loveliness of the bouquet.
    • Bouquet of Pink Roses and Exotic Pink Lilies wrapped in crape paper packing. • No of Flowers: 12-14 Flowers • Free Message Card
  6. New

    Be My Love Sensations

    This mesmerizing product contains an awesome arrangement of white lilies and red roses, a total of 14 blooms, which are wrapped using a special crepe paper used for high quality packing.
    • Bouquet of Red Roses and White Lilies (14 stem) wrapped in special crape paper packing. • Free Message Card
  7. New

    Always a Lady - Lilies Bouquet

    ‘Love’s Promise’ is one such arrangement that is made with the help of 8 stem Asiatic lilies, containing a mixture of 2-3 colors, which are likely to refresh the mood of the receiver and make him/her happy.
    • 8 Stem Assorted Asiatic Lilies Bouquet (2-3 colors) • Free Message Card
  8. Sweetest Sunrise Bouquet

    ‘Scent with Lilies’ is a standing arrangement of yellow blooms of exotic lilies, where a total of 18 flowers are combined to make this appealing structure. The height of this tall arrangement is kept within a range of 2.5 to 3.5 feet.
    • Exotic 18 stem exotic Lilies tall stand arrangement • Height: 2.5 - 3.5 Feet • Free Message Card
  9. Colorful Sensation

    ‘Love Splendor’ is such a bouquet, which comprises of an assortment of different types of exotic flowers, including roses, daisies and lilies, a total of 20 in number. All of them are arranged in a beautiful manner and are packed in a special crepe paper, to impart a lavish look to the bouquet.
    • Bouquet of assorted flowers (include: Exotic Lilies, Daisies and Roses) • No of Flowers: 20 Stem • Packing: Crape Paper Wrap • Free Message Cad
  10. Sweet Sentiments

    ‘White Exotica’ is a bouquet made up of 5 stem Asiatic lilies of white color, resulting in a sweet little arrangement of sympathy flowers. This bouquet can be used to express sorrow over a person’s loss with a sympathetic approach.
    • 5 Stem Pure White Asiatic Lilies Bouquet. • Free Message Card