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Select the flower type to express your sentiment

Whatever the occasion it is, whatever the reason this is, whatever the feeling is to be expressed, whatever emotion is there, flowers always acquire the supreme position of being the elegant gift. Different flowers and colors are there to demonstrate the tenderness and it is worth saying that beautiful floral arrangements imply the sensational perspective. If you want to make someone special, a beautiful bouquet is there; if you want to sing a romantic song with your beloved one, surprise your spouse with the heart shape rose bouquet; if the darkness of harsh destiny has shadowed the family, share your condolence with the sympathy flowers. There are numerous reasons to pick flowers but it is difficult to select the perfect flower type.

You cannot find better flower stores in Bangalore than feels directly what you want and that is why it has already arranged the flowers types accordingly your taste and needs. We know different flowers carry different message and different floral arrangements convey different emotions, so we have segmented the flowers into different arrangements. Just follow the arrangements below to find the perfect flowers type among- flower bouquet, rose bouquet, orchid bouquet, mix flowers and many more. Select the flowers type you want to buy and we will deliver the same to the desired destination. Florist in Bangalore by Mayaflowers is another service provider in similar industry.

  1. New

    Birthday Balloon Bouquet

    This gift package comprises of a total of 20 flowers, including white roses and red daisies, which are wrapped in a special packing by making use of imported paper. Along with the bouquet, you also get 3 balloons, including two latex and one Mylar balloon. The Mylar balloon comes with the ‘Happy Birthday’ message printed on it, which adds a charm to the air filled latex ones, adding uniqueness to the gift. A message card is also provided along with the arrangement for you to add uniqueness to your present. • Bouquet of 20 Flowers (Red Daisies and White Roses) wrapped in imported paper packing. • One Birthday Mylar Balloon AND Two latex air filled balloon (included) • Free Message Card
  2. Wonderful Balloon Bouquet

    The bouquet is accompanied by three balloons, out of which, two are made of latex and are filled with air. The third one is a Mylar balloon, which comes with a ‘Happy birthday’ message printed on it and is made to stand straight with the use of a stick. The gift package is delivered along with a message card, free of cost and the order can be placed for the desired date of delivery.
    • Bouquet of white and pink carnations wrapped in special paper packing (18 Flowers). • One Birthday Mylar balloon (with stick) AND Two air filled latex balloons (Included) • Free Message Card
  3. Lovely Balloon Bouquet

    The bouquet is made with 15 carnation roses of red color and is packed in a special crepe paper. Among the balloons provided, one is the Mylar balloon that has the ‘I Love You’ message printed on it, while the other two are latex ones, which are filled with air. The whole arrangement is offered with a message card (provided free of cost) to help you add a special message for the recipient.
    • 15 Stem Red Carnations bouquet wrapped in special crape paper packing. • One "I Love U" Mylar Balloon (with stick) AND Two air filled balloon (included) • Free Message Card
  4. Oh la la!

    This eye-catching bouquet is made up of a total of 20 stem red roses of premium grade that are packed in a special crepe paper with green color. The bouquet is tied at the bottom to let you hold it easily and you also get a free message card, wherein you can write some special words for the darling.
    • 20 Stem Premium Red Roses Bouquet wrapped in special crape paper packing. • Free Message Card
  5. New

    Straight from the Heart

    This bouquet contains a bunch of 15 roses of red color that you can present to your special someone for the expression of your love and affection. This flower bouquet is wrapped by hand and cellophane paper is used for packing the blooms in a mesmerizing package.
    • 15 Red roses hand bunch wrapped in cellophane packing. • Free Message Card
  6. Princess' dream

    The same concept has been applied to this bouquet, which is composed of a total of 18 flowers, out of which 15 are red roses and the rest 3 are white lilies. The whole bunch of flowers, accompanied by some green filler, is packed in a cellophane paper with white color. Along with this, you are provided with a free message card that will make it easy for you to express your emotions.
    • Bouquet of White Lilies and Red Roses (3 White Lilies and 15 Red Roses) wrapped in cellophane packing. • Free Message Card
  7. Say YES!

    This arrangement comes with a magnificent organization with a total of 200 red roses of premium grade, which are firmly placed in a white round basket. The contrast color of the leaves adds an appealing glory to the arrangement and hence, makes it a wonderful piece of decoration at home, office or at any other place. You will get a message card for free with this splendid basket arrangement, when you place an order over the internet.
    • 200 Premium Red Roses Round Basket Arrangement. • Free Message Card
  8. Sun Valley

    So, if you want to freshen up one’s mind and make them feel better, a bunch of these blooms is a great choice. Bright Bouquet is a perfect arrangement of a dozen of assorted Gerberas, comprising of different colors like pink, yellow and orange. The bouquet is provided in a special packing to make it appear more graceful and easy to be carried away.
    • Dozen Assorted Gerbera Bouquet. • Free Message Card
  9. Darling

    This bouquet is made up of a total of 18 stemmed roses of pure red color, with green filler added to make the arrangement appear more appealing to the recipient. The color and fragrance of roses added to this bouquet is likely to impress the recipient and craft a magical sense of the joy that one has at a beach.
    • 18 stem pure red roses bouquet with green fillers. • Free Message Card.
  10. Piece Of My Heart

    This is a stunning arrangement of 50 red roses of premium grade, which can be used on many different occasions. You can present a bouquet to your love on birthday, anniversary or any other special day to make it more extraordinary for the recipient.
    • 50 Stem premium red roses. • Free Message Card