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Flowers entrusts the passion into home decoration- add unique dimension to the interiors

‘A comfortable house is a great source of happiness. It ranks immediately after health and a good conscience’ -Sydney Smith

Our home is the place, where we feel our great comfort. Home is just not a building but it fosters our love, our dream. It is the place, where our recognitions get the dimension, where we knit our fantasies. The interior decoration reflects our thoughts, our personalities, our tastes and our happiness. How will it be if we borrow elements from nature to beautify our domain? Nature plays with our sensation by gifting the beautiful creation, flowers. Different color, different fragrance, different alluring appearance of flowers nurtures our different moods, personality and activities. A complete house decorated with flowers will definitely fulfills the desire of felicity in everyday life by adding exceptional charm. A happy beginning of a day designs the cheerful pathway for the upcoming events throughout that day. It is a heavenly pleasure when you notice a smiley flower bouquet by ArenaFlorist beside your bed after just getting up in the morning. It inflicts positive energy when you are about to take a sip from the cup and an enthralled fragrance welcomes you to begin the day. It induces enthusiasm when you get out of your home for office, the pretty pink lady flower arrangement recites ‘bye bye.  It relieves you from stress when you come back from your daily schedule and the tall standing flower decoration at the drawing room encourages you to throw all your tensions. It is a lyrical night when you get to your bed at night and the vibrant red rose adornment uncovers the romantic aroma to wish you ‘good night’.  A fully decorated home is the arena of pleasure, charm, fascination and magical ambience.

Flowers Decorations Ideas

A home decoration should convey your personality and must catch your mood. Obviously, random selection of flowers does not serve the purpose. If you place flowers here and there, it becomes complete mess and describes a dull setting.

You should keep in mind the following points before arranging the flowers- A guide by Bengaluru Florist From Maya

i) identify your taste and know your mood,

ii) look at every corner of your home,

iii) list the flower names you love the most,

iv) ask yourself why you love the flowers and how they enhance your pleasure,

v) pick the flowers that describe your favorite colors and goes with your interior colors,

vi) determine the places, where you want to put the flowers and why,

vii) finally learn the definition of aesthetic purpose and scientific values.

The proper arrangement is the key to your successive decoration that reflects your treasure of happiness. The flower arrangement must not overwhelm the interior look of the rooms; rather it should dignify the designs of the respective rooms. The selection of flowers depends on the purpose and area, where they are going to be kept. For an instance, the purpose of kitchen does not match the purpose of bedroom. The drawing room plays the tune of family togetherness, where you share your thoughts with the family members and friends; the drawing room is the primary region, where the guests stay for while, so you need to follow a euphonious style to decorate that room. On the other hand, the bedroom is considered as the romantic place and probably the most desired place to welcome the new day. Therefore, bedroom should be arranged with the flowers that drags your affection out and sings the most romantic melody you love. We should not ignore the entrance of our home, as it is the entryway of the positive flows. A beautifully decorated entrance always lifts our spirit and greets the guest from the very first step.

Flower decoration does not confine its term only within it. You can create your own design using variety of flowers and individual petal such as, flower rangoli, simple floating petals in living room, form of an abstract design with bright flowers, water rangoli, rose arrangements along with loose petals, form of an art with white and dark colored flowers or nurture your creative sense to come up with innovative ideas. The ideas vary season to season and occasion to occasion. One should adopt the ideas to furnish the rooms or outside the house with the seasonal flowers, as it invokes to adore the present. Arrange the flowers according to the style. We can put the flower arrangements into these common divisions- traditional, casual living, country flowers, contemporary flower designs and Victorian. The simplest way to register your flower design idea is to demonstrate the style of your home and choose the flowers accordingly.

Different Styles Of Decorations

We can simply identify four major home styles- Modern, Elegant, Country and Romantic. The general idea of decorating each style may convey the whole story and will be helpful. For the elegant home style, the selection must appreciate the sophistication and the theme should enhance the elegance. In this style definition, the Carnation tower or Elegant Anthurium Gesture placed in commonly visited area will justify your interior decoration. The eye level installation of Exotic Lilies or Pure Gem roses on the centerpiece will intensify the style. Modern-style homes adorn the selection of the exotic flowers like, orchid, calla lilies or anthuriums. You have to put the flowers in the flower vase that narrates the modern appearance. The vase made of stainless steel, crystal or glass goes with it. The country home designs ask for the simple flower decoration. The single color flower setting or the flowers with mellow fragrance will be the best choice. For the romantic home-style, there is nothing better than rose. A bunch of multicolor roses put into a silver container chants the poem of love and invites the passionate senses.

In the conclusion, whatever flowers or method you choose to bring your idea into reality should interact with the deepest emotions of the inhabitants. The best decorations can only be prompted with intense passion and the affection towards blossom can bloom the innovations.