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The Ultimate Men’s Guide on How to Choose the Right Flowers

Buying flowers is without a doubt one of the best surprise gifts you can give a woman! They will always excite her, make her feel special and appreciated. But now comes the time that you need to choose those flowers, and you don’t have a clue where to start. There are so many different types of flowers and so many colours it can all seem a bit overwhelming, and might have you heading straight for the roses, as everyone likes those right? Well, yes, but with a bit of thought, you can choose the perfect bunch, that could be something entirely different. Just getting someone’s favourite flower is great, but doesn’t have that extra bit of a wow factor. If you just pick out one yourself that’s great too, but will it knock her socks off?

We’ll we’re going to show you how to go about getting that special bunch just right and how to choose flowers for those special ladies in your life, whether it’s your wife, girlfriend, aunt or grandma, we’ll show you how to crack the art of buying flowers.

Know your Lady

This is the most important part of the process, as if you don’t know anything about that lady you’re buying flowers for, you are certainly not going to impress. Whether it’s your aunt, your wife or a colleague at work you need to think about the colours she likes and also think about her personality.

If you aren’t sure of her favourite colour, think of the clothes that she often wears or even her laptop or phone. These will all give you clues.

Ask yourself some questions about her. Is she soft and romantic, very into nature, edgy, a career girl, delicate, bold, shy or outgoing? Is she adventurous, funny, quirky or even serious? Just think of one or two words that you think best describes her.

What are you trying to say?

The next very important thing to think about is what you’re trying to say and what message you’re trying to get across. A bunch of long-stemmed red roses to say thank you to a colleague probably wouldn’t give the right impression. You might want to say thank you for some help, or ‘I love you,’, or even ‘I like you and want to get more serious’. You might even want to say happy birthday, Happy Diwali or even Happy Anniversary. Perhaps you just really want to say you’re sorry about something, or you might just want to buy some flowers for no reason at all, just to say you were thinking of someone.

Choosing the right Flowers

  1. 1.       The Love of your Life

So you’re madly in love, nothing beats a bunch of red roses. They’re sexy, alluring but still classic at the same time and they say ‘I love you’ like nothing else. But you might decide that you’ve overdone the roses and want a few more ideas. How about going for another colour like orange, or you could stick with red but go with different flowers like carnations or even tulips which are stunning and sophisticated. Apparently the tulip’s black centre is meant to resemble a lover’s heart, darkened by passion.

You could even mix them up and put roses, tulips, carnations or even asters, which are also a flower of love, but not as famous. Another choice is to go for pink stargazer lilies which are a symbol of life and fidelity. Peonies too have their place as they’re seen as good luck and portray a happy marriage. If your lady love is particularly adventurous and outgoing, add some extra deep and exciting colours in like purples too.


  1. 2.       Special Family Members


If you’re looking to wow your mom the perfect flowers are pink carnations. Why? Well it means maternal love! So there you go! 

Pink roses can be a great gift too as they express gratitude, appreciation and admiration, so can be for any family member. Pink will give the right message any time of the year and will show how much you care. Add a few white flowers for a nice contrast which portrays modesty and elegance. And this isn’t just for Mom; this is for all your female family members.


  1. 3.       Colleagues, oh colleagues!


This can sometimes be the most confusing of all, as you probably won’t know your colleagues as well as you know the love of your life and your family. Here we would suggest going for yellows and oranges and even blues. Yellow reflects the warmth and fun or enjoying someone’s company and sharing similar interests, oranges symbolise energy, enthusiasm and warmth, while blues relieve stress. Roses or tulips can be a great choice here and they look super cheerful, so they’re bound to make your colleagues’ day. Daisies and freesias also represent innocence and friendship too. Just make sure you’re very clear about your intentions in your card, you don’t want to be sending the wrong idea!


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