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Eggless Cakes

Nowadays, egg is an indispensible ingredient of cake making. The basic purpose of adding raw eggs in cake mixture is to provide moisture. An ideal cake must be soft and should be felt like a sponge. For that the mixture must be given apple time to ferment and rise. For this leavening, agents must be added. Egg is a perfect leavening agent, which also makes the cake rich in taste. In eggless cakes, the job of leavening is done by acidic elements like baking powder or baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice, orange juice and buttermilk. Therefore, in eggless cakes the entire process remains the same except the addition of raw eggs to the batter.
In India, almost every household has a person, who is strictly vegan for religious or health related issues. Apart from the, many people, who strictly follow dieting often avoid consuming extra fat, sugar and calories. For various such reasons we, at Arena Florist bring quality eggless cakes to our customers to make their celebration a bit healthy. Choose your favorite flavor along with the design from our rich collection and make those moments unforgettable with your near and dear ones. We are just phone calls away from you to ship you happiness.